The Grand National Horse Race – Each Way Betting Tips

Each way betting is most prominent in horse racing competitions – the most popular of which is called “The Grand National”. Given the high profile of the event, it doesn’t come as a surprise that thousands of punters online would like to have a bit more viable knowledge that will help them make the right bet. Here, you will find more about each-way betting, and where you can get more tips.

Each way betting tips - horse racing

Bookies That Offer Grand National Sports Betting Markets

Every time the Grand National is being held, there are a number of bookies that regularly cover the event. Some of the best each-way betting opportunities are presented by the likes of 888sport, Paddy Power, Unibet, and bet365. The aforementioned sportsbooks have significant experience in horse racing markets in general, and it is why they are considered to be some of the best among bookies everywhere. In most cases, they also provide a lot of free betting tips.

Ideal Websites for Each Way Betting Tips

When it comes to finding the best each-way betting tips out there, it is important to look for websites that provide a bit more information than simply a list of participants that are supposed to win.

The Best Betting Companies with a License

In the online gambling world, reputable sportsbooks do everything in their power to secure a business license from the jurisdiction they wish to operate in. Although the procedure of gaining legal recognition isn’t a simple one, bookies manage to fulfil a number of lawfully-set requirements. This is done not only to prove the legality and validity of a sportsbook in front of the country’s regulating administrations but also to ensure every single one of the sports book’s members that the platform is trustworthy. Here are the most licensed betting companies in the world.

The First Bookie Is Intertops

When it comes to online sportsbook services, Intertops makes number one in our list. This is natural, as not only Intertops was established in 1983, but it is also known as the bookie that has facilitated the first online sports bet in history! Although you won’t see any licensing seals flaunted by the company, the sportsbook is said to be licensed by the appropriate administrations of all jurisdictions they operate in. You can always try different strategies in betting exactly in these platforms.

Betway Is the Most famous Licensed Bookie

betway sports - licensed bookie

Although Betway can’t boast the same achievement as Intertops, this sportsbook is proud of its UKGC license.

Each Way Betting – What Is it and How to Do it?

Considered to be a “combination wager” like the accumulator, each way betting mainly consists of two separate bets – a “win” bet, and a placement bet. Due to the nature of “each way”, this type of wager is commonly offered in horse racing markets. Although “the win” market cannot be changed by the bookie, the placement wager can be modified to affect only first and second place. If the sportsbook is covering a large enough event, they might even allow a placement bet up to “fourth” place. Each way stakes are also popular in football!

each way betting examples

Example – How Does Each Way Work?

The first thing that should be mentioned is that each way bets will require a double wager (as the punter places money on two separate markets). Here is an example – a football team “A” has decimal odds of 3.5 to win the league cup. They also have 2.1 odds to end in one of the first three places. If a bettor wagers $10 for them to win, they will also have to bet $10 on the team to place. If they win (and naturally place), theoretically the return from the first bet would be 10 multiplied by 3.5, which will equal $35, which will be added to the winnings of the second bet – $21.

Football Betting Accumulators – Locations and Free Tips

Accumulator bets are considered to be the most popular type of “combination bet” in the sports betting industry. Essentially, punters can combine more than one bet selection under one wager. This bet type is considered to bring high rewards; however, it is also classified as a high risk. For example, if you have combined four markets into an accumulator bet and one of those selections doesn’t pan out, then your entire wager is lost. In order for a punter to successfully benefit from their acca bet, they need to have guessed every market in it correctly.

Most Common Football Betting Accumulator Selections

Unless stated otherwise, almost all straight bets can be combined into an acca stake. Moneyline bets such as “to win” are the most common ones used in acca bets, as they are considered to be the most balanced ones of the bunch. Surely, adding a handicap bet of any kind to the accumulator selection would increase the potential benefits even more, but in most cases, the risk of failing is far too high. Even if this is so, many punters choose the over/under football scores markets to add to their accumulator bet.